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Case Study: Opera Products' Strategic Response to the Covid-19 Outbreak

Project type

Marketing Collaterals, A/B Testing, ABM marketing,



In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, Opera Products swiftly adapted its operations in the United States, China, and Vietnam. Recognizing the urgent need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical products, the company realigned its focus to serve Fortune 500 corporations and healthcare facilities across the United States.

The Challenge:
Navigating the challenges posed by the lockdown measures, Opera Products faced the critical task of collaborating closely with its internal team to implement a robust B2B marketing and lead generation strategy. The primary objectives were twofold: establishing a strong sales pipeline and fostering unwavering brand trust to facilitate successful deal closures.

Our Strategy:
To tackle the challenges head-on, we devised a comprehensive 360-degree strategy that seamlessly integrated marketing and lead generation efforts. Our strategy honed in on two pivotal areas: collaterals and content marketing. With a sense of urgency, we accelerated our efforts to produce impactful company brochures, industry-targeted flyers, compelling product keynotes, and aesthetically appealing packaging designs. Recognizing the value of personalization, we meticulously created customized content tailored to the unique needs of each customer. Employing rigorous A/B testing methodologies, we optimized decision-making processes to maximize conversion rates among key stakeholders.

Building upon the success of our B2B marketing and lead generation campaign, we collaborated with Opera Products to undertake a rebranding initiative, aimed at enhancing the overall brand value.

The outcome of our meticulously crafted campaign reverberated across Opera Products, producing tangible results across multiple dimensions. By strategically targeting high-quality leads, we witnessed a substantial increase in conversions, revenue growth, and expedited sales processes. In quantifiable terms, our efforts enabled Opera Products to engage with 3000 leads, generating an impressive 342 opportunities and securing the trust of 165 new customers.

The impact of our strategy extended beyond mere numbers. Opera Products experienced a notable boost in brand recognition and customer loyalty, attesting to the success of our comprehensive approach. By rapidly adapting to the dynamic market landscape and focusing on customer-centric strategies, Opera Products emerged as a trusted partner in the fight against Covid-19, effectively meeting the evolving needs of Fortune 500 corporations and healthcare facilities.

Opera Products' swift response to the Covid-19 outbreak exemplifies the power of strategic agility and customer-centricity. By effectively aligning marketing and lead generation efforts, Opera Products not only established a robust sales pipeline but also fostered enduring brand trust. The results speak for themselves: increased conversions, accelerated sales processes, and heightened brand value.

As we reflect on this case study, it becomes evident that proactive adaptation, coupled with a meticulous approach to personalized content and rigorous testing, can yield remarkable outcomes even in the face of unprecedented challenges. Opera Products serves as an inspiring example for organizations seeking to navigate uncertain times and emerge stronger than ever before.

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