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Avoid These Coffee Shop Marketing Pitfalls and Boost Your Foot Traffic Today!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

boosting foot traffic Vietnam coffee shop Google Business Optimization

Are you a coffee shop owner in Vietnam who has invested a significant amount of money in your business but still hasn't seen the profits you expected?

Have you been actively running Facebook ads to attract new customers, but the results have been underwhelming?

Are you unsure about which platform to use to promote your coffee shop image?

Do customers only visit your coffee shop once and are unlikely to return?

Are you hesitant about the cost and timeline of implementing a marketing solution for your coffee shop?

Are you not familiar with Google Business and how to optimize it for your business?

If your coffee shop has encountered any of these challenges, despite your diligent efforts in implementing various marketing strategies, it is essential to assess and refine your approach by optimizing your presence on Google Business Vietnam.

Why should you enhance your coffee shop ranking on Google?

Let's take a closer look at the reason why should you optimize Google Business for your coffee shop, as explained through Google’s owned data:

  • 30% of mobile users rely on Google to search for “products or services near me".

  • 86% of users in Vietnam use Google Maps to locate coffee shops and other businesses.

  • 82% of users conduct online research before visiting a coffee shop.

  • 28% of users visit coffee shops based on reviews they read on Google.

boost Vietnam coffee shop ranking on Google

In today's digital age, a meticulously crafted and well-executed marketing plan is essential to succeed in the competitive landscape of coffee shops. Failure to implement an effective marketing strategy can significantly impede customer attraction and leave your business at a disadvantage compared to competitors.

  • Inconsistent business information erodes customers' confidence in your brand, while poor visibility in search results prevents you from connecting with potential customers.

  • Incomplete information about your business hinders customers' decision-making process and leaves them with questions about your services.

  • Your Menu has not been updated in both English and Vietnamese, resulting in missing the opportunity to reach foreign customers.

  • Without your customer’s feedback, you're unable to make informed decisions about how to improve your customer service.

  • Worst of all, if your coffee shop cannot be located on Google Maps, it may as well not exist in the eyes of countless potential customers.

Vietnam coffee shop without effective marketing strategies

Partnering with Kingmaker to optimize your Google Business account is an investment in the long-term success and growth of your coffee shop - don't miss out on these powerful benefits:

Driving Customer Loyalty: The Importance of Providing Accurate Information on Google Business for Your Coffee Shop

Life-long customer relationships are built on trust, and the stepping stone of doing so is to be able to provide accurate, reliable information when customers need it the most. Google Business allows your coffee shop to offer your customers up-to-date online information about the products and services you offer, your contact details, opening hours as well as viewing high quality images of your drinks and food. So when customers look for a coffee shop nearby, they will always get accurate information from your Business Profile.

update coffee shop information on Google Business Vietnam

Consider this scenario: A potential customer is searching for a coffee shop in their vicinity, but it's outside of regular business hours. They turn to Google Maps or conduct a quick search on Google, expecting to find reliable information about coffee shops that are open late or early. If your coffee shop's information on Google Business is not up to date, they may overlook your establishment and choose a competitor that has provided accurate details.

Optimizing your Google Business account ensures that your coffee shop appears prominently in search results, making it easier for potential customers to find your coffee shop in Vietnam. This increased visibility drives more foot traffic to your location, giving you the chance to engage with customers and build lasting relationships.

Using bilingual menu to attract foreign customers

Using Vietnamese and English menus is a crucial step in expanding your coffee shop's customer base and increasing sales. With Vietnam fully reopened as of 2023, attracting a growing expat community as well as foreign tourists can provide a significant boost to your business. By offering a bilingual menu, you not only cater to the needs of non-English speakers, but you also show that you value and respect their own culture. Building trust and loyalty among foreign customers will equally lead to positive online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

english and vietnamese menu for Vietnam coffee shop

In addition, incorporating foreign languages on your menu can set your business apart from competitors, making it more memorable and increasing your brand value. By investing in a bilingual menu for your coffee shop, you have the opportunity to tap into a fast growing market, while also promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Maximizing Trust and Improving SEO through Online Business Information Consistency

consistent information of Vietnam coffee shop on social media

Having consistency across all your channels implies ensuring that your coffee shop information, such as your address, phone number, website, and hours of operation, are the same everywhere your business is listed. This includes not only on Google Business, TripAdvisor, but also on other online directories, social media platforms, and your own website.

When your customers see the same information across all social media channels that your coffee shop is listed on, it helps to build their trust and credibility in your brand. Additionally, having consistent information can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, making it easier for potential customers to find and engage with your coffee shop online.

Empowering Your Online Marketing: Leveraging Google Posts' Short-Form Content to Elevate Your Business Visibility and Engagement

elevate Vietnam coffee shop visibility by SEO content on Google Post

By utilizing the short-form content feature, you can post captivating 300-word descriptions, photos, and videos that can skyrocket your coffee shop ranking on Google Local Search. Think about all the possibilities: You can promote exciting product announcements, exclusive offers and discounts, upcoming events, all of which can grab your customers' attention and keep them engaged.

Leveraging the power of Google optimization, your coffee shop can earn greater visibility and digital reach within your local online community. Don't miss out on the chance to create a remarkable digital presence for your coffee shop with Kingmaker’s Google Business Optimization Services.

Uncover customer insight by Google analytics: Powerful Actionable Data through Google Analytics:

understand Vietnam coffee shop customers insight by Google analytics

By optimizing your Google Business account, you can leverage the powerful analytics provided by Google My Business to gain valuable insights into your customer behavior and preferences. Utilizing customer data can enable you to identify areas where your coffee shop can be improved and optimize your offerings to satisfy customer needs. These insights can serve as a key driver for enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately providing a competitive edge for your coffee shop in the dynamic Vietnamese food and beverage industry.

Improving your coffee shop products and services through Customer reviews:

improve products and services for Vietnam coffee shop by customer reviews

Leveraging customer reviews on your optimized Google Business account holds numerous advantages for your coffee shop. By analyzing customers' feedback, you can gain valuable insights into which aspects of your products and services warrant improvement, allowing you to tailor your offerings to meet their needs.

Positive reviews provide social proof that can bolster your coffee shop's reputation and bring in more customers. Addressing negative reviews in a prompt and professional manner can also demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction, potentially turning disgruntled patrons into loyal ones. Ultimately, optimizing your Google Business account with customer reviews can provide a competitive edge for your coffee shop and attract more customers to your business.

As Vietnamese coffee shop owners, we often don’t have control over how often our customers decide to review our business. However, there are occasions when you may want to request reviews from your loyal customers to gain better visibility and prominence.

Revolutionizing Customer Service: Harnessing the Power of Google's Business Messages to Provide Real-Time Assistance for Your Coffee Shop Anywhere, Anytime

engage with Vietnam coffee shop customers by google message

Google’s Business Messages is Google’s solution to real-time chat customer service, without the support of additional platforms, websites or social media. Business Messages allows virtually any coffee shop to help customers when they need it – anytime and anywhere. Business Messages puts a chat feature online for your coffee shop that’s directly accessible from Google Search, Google Maps, or even on your own channels, like your website and Google Business Profile.

Google’s Business Messages lets your coffee shop be found across multiple channels and devices and allows potential customers to chat directly with your team.

If you're looking for professional assistance in optimizing your Google Business listing and implementing effective marketing strategies for your coffee shop in Vietnam, consider partnering with Kingmaker, a leading marketing agency based in Ho Chi Minh City. With our expertise and experience in the local market and US market, we can help you unlock the full potential of your coffee shop and achieve your business goals.

Visit our website today at to learn more about our services and how we can support your coffee shop's growth. Don't let marketing pitfalls hold you back. Take action and boost your foot traffic today!

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